Llanes is one of the most popular and highly regarded places on the Cantabrian coast. It has many beaches – more than 30 – along its rugged coast, some of which are still untamed; it also boasts colourful, typical festivals and inland villages, not forgetting the special geological interest of its karstic formations riddled with caves – some of which contain ancient cave art – and other curious formations such as the Bluffs of Pría or Santiuste. All these add up to a singularly attractive place and set it apart from other parts of Asturias. It has been used as a location for many films, and has even been included on the so-called “film route”. The fact that it is so near the Picos de Europa, Cangas de Onís and Covadonga (lakes, Basilica and caves, historical roots of the Reconquest) make this borough the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of different activities: sea and mountains, quiet countryside and the buzz of the town, local and gourmet cuisine (the Michelin star restaurants Annua, Casa Marcial and Arbidel are no more than half an hour away and El Retiro de Pancar just in the village beside Llanes), golf course, etc …. A perfect place to discover holidaying in the North.


The small borough of Ribadedeva, which borders with the province of Santander (Cantabria), has as its capital the little “indiano” colonial town of Colombres, which one of its large houses contains the Emmigration Museum with the Indianos File, with all the information about people that goes to searh for a better life in América in 19s and beguinin of 20s centuries. Its coastline, though not as long as the one in Llanes, hides untamed beaches such as Mendía or you can explore ancient cave art at the Pindal Caves, which are open to the public previous setting an appoiment.

The village is also home to the ruins of the ancient monastery of Sta Mª de Tina, and the San Emeterio lighthouse and chapel (also used as the setting for the Jose Luis Garci film, “El Abuelo” (The Grandfather), based on the book by Pérez Galdós). Bustio and Unquera – the latter in Cantabria – mark the start of the easterly part of the Picos de Europa mountains and the road road to Potes or Fuente Dé. With regards to local cuisine, delight your tastebuds by dining at one of the traditional restaurants, such as Casa Seín (see article) or the more rustic El Pontón restaurant in Noriega, which also serves succulent fare, or the one Michelín start Annua, in san Vicente de la Barquera, just 10 minutes away by car.





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